Augusto Fernández aiming for Moto2 FIM CEV title in 2017

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Augusto Fernández will face in 2017, his first complete season in the European Moto2 Championship, riding a Suter from the Easyrace Superbike Team with the goal of fighting for the title.

Even though this is going to be his first complete season, last year he already was Rookie of the Year in this class, with a superb 5th place in the general standings, despite starting late in the championship, without being able to be in the two first races of the season.

However, he will do it this year, in which the first race of the European Moto2 Championship will be on April 28th and 30th at the Circuito de Albacete, at which Augusto will also be able to try his Suter for the first time, the 6th and 7th April in a test with his team. There, they will start to put everything in its place, so they can be the best prepared for the beginning of the championship, and be able to reach the objectives of being in the top race positions from the beginning, winning races, and fighting for the European Moto2 Championship title.

Augusto Fernández
“I’m very excited about this new season because I have a new bike and it seems that this is the first time that we have a proper bike; it comes from the World Championship, from the test they made at the IRTA. It’s a Suter, a brand with a strong reputation, so I hope that I can do a good start, because this year we’re going to start the championship from the beginning. Last year we couldn’t, so I’m very happy, very excited, looking forward to trying the bike and starting work. Even though we are still waiting to try the bike, the main goal this year is the win, to be in the first positions all the year, and try to fight for the championship, but we’ll wait for the test, how they go, and then we’ll set our goals. We have to wait for the confirmation, but I think that we’ll be at the Circuito de Albacete on April 6th and 7th and the next week we’ll be at Estoril, Portugal: that is a new track in the championship, and the truth is that I’m very happy with the team and I can’t wait to start”.

Eduardo Salvador – Team Director
“It’s a very exciting project, with a very good base above all, with a very good technical side, a very good rider, a bike that we hope to be competitive, and we’re looking forward to starting work, with the win as the main goal. When you start a new project, you always have to try to win and at least try it, so we’ll see because it’s a new adventure, complicated, we’re also looking for sponsors, because it’s not easy as it has all been prepared with a very little time margin, but step by step, we’ll keep moving on. Maybe for the first race we aren’t going to be 100% ready, but I’m sure that for the second race we’ll be completely ready. I believe that the bike is really good, it’s showing well in the World Championship, and Augusto also showed last year that he is a very fast rider and this year he will have the experience from last year, so the combination is good, so now we just have to work, work and work, and wait for the results. We have to start doing some test, we’ll do three or four days before the first race, plus the first race practices, and we hope that they’re enough to put the bike in its place, that Augusto feels comfortable and confident and that he’s able to go fast from the beginning”.