Augusto starts the European Moto2 Championship 2018 with double podium at Estoril

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Without being able to do a preseason test or even properly prepare the first race, Augusto Fernández and the easyRace Moto2 Team joined forces again to face a new season in the European Moto2 Championship. The goal for Augusto in his return to the FIM CEV Repsol is clear: to win the championship.

Things have started in a very good way at Estoril, where the first round took place. Augusto and his team began with two great second positions without having done any test during the preseason.

At a circuit where Augusto hadn’t been before and after four months of inactivity on a Moto2 bike, he faced the challenge with optimism and he completed a wonderful weekend, where even the Portuguese track conditions weren’t easy due to rain and wind.

Augusto got the pole position on Saturday and started the two European Moto2 races with the victory in his mind, but without taking too many risks, because in both races some parts of the track were wet, even the conditions improved a bit for the second race.

Two bad starts made Augusto say goodbye to his victory hopes, but in both races he was able to stay in the second position and make the same rythm as the winner during the whole race.

With these two podiums, Fernández starts the year in the second position of the provisional Moto2 standings, just one point behind the first classified. In Valencia, he will try to make a step forward and get his first victory in this championship.

#73. Augusto Fernández
«We knew that there is a really good level this year at this class, with the return of some World Championship riders and other rider who made a good performance last year here. We’ve been strong since the beginning and yesterday we got the pole position. The conditions were a bit stranger at the first race and Ivo Lopes has beaten us. In the second race the conditions were normal but we lack of something to reach Jesko [Raffin] and I was at my limit. My start was really bad and I didn’t expect such a strong start from Jesko. My rythm was very similar to his, but I didn’t find myself completely comfortable and I decided to keep this second position, because it’s important for the championship. We haven’t been able to do the preseason and we have still work to do and in a race weekend you can go crazy trying and changings things. The set up wasn’t completely ok, but we didn’t want to change anything. Now, we will try to do some practice before Valencia, which would be really important, and we’ll see if we can continue in this path”.