Victory in Assen

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“It has been and incredible and a crazy race, starting from the 13th position, with many overtakings and bumpings. We started the race in a close group, and with a little luck I have been able to achieve my first victory. I am really grateful to my family and my team.”

The Assen Grand Prix has witnessed Augusto’s first and well deserved victory in the Moto2 World Championship.

This victory was the goal since the beggining of the season, dreamt throughout his whole life, and earned due to his talent, effort, and patience. With all these ingredients, in addition to his family’s support, as well as his team’s, the first victory is already a reality.

The GP World Championship continues, races don’t stop, and it’a must being on top in the next coming races. This is a huge first step towards more ambitious goals. Now being in 3rd position of the championship, it is time to celebrate, enjoy, and off to the next race