Brilliant victory for Augusto at Silverstone

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Today was a day of great racing for the FlexBox HP 40 riders, Augusto Fernández and Lorenzo Baldassarri, who started the grand prix from the third and eighteenth positions, respectively.

With a complicated start to the race, losing some positions in the first laps, Augusto Fernández had been regaining ground until he contacted the first race group again.

Knowing his good pace, Augusto remained in the top positions and went on the attack with two laps left, when he took the first position and did not let it go until he crossed the finish line, getting an impressive victory. With this first position, Augusto is second in the overall classification of the championship.

The FlexBox HP 40 leaves Silverstone leading the team classification and the next grand prix will be in Misano on September 13, 14 and 15.

Augusto Fernández, 1st, 37: 41,883
“I am very happy with today’s victory. I went wrong, I fought with the group and I saw that those in front were leaving and I had to go back. In the end I have arrived and I have not shown my letters until the end. We got the second victory of the season and it is very exciting. I want to thank the team for the work and the sponsors for their support. We place second in the championship and we must continue along this line ”.