Augusto Fernández will start the Aragon Grand Prix from the second position

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If yesterday the rain forecast was heavy for today, this has finally given way and the Moto2 riders have been able to ride the qualifying session in dry conditions.

Augusto Fernández is still in his sweet moment and today he has stayed to within a few thousandths of pole position. Confident and sure of himself at each exit to the track, Fernández has set a better 1:52.350 stopwatch that serves him to start from the second position. The FlexBox HP 40 rider has a good pace to fight for the victory in the race tomorrow and with the aim of continuing to approach the leader of the category.

Unlike other grand prix, tomorrow the Moto2 category will be the last to go on track, racing at 2:30 p.m. local time, a race scheduled for 21 laps.

Augusto Fernández, 2nd, 1:52.350 (+0.125)
“Happy with the second position today as it was important to place in the first positions on the starting grid. Tomorrow will be a tough race and we will have to see how many riders have the pace to escape, but I think we have it. The goal is continue to cut points to the leader and, if I can’t, be as close to him”.