Season 2023


Augusto Fernández again learns fast, makes progress from Friday to Saturday and to Sunday and shows his intelligence and adaptation by racing from 21st on the grid to 10th.

A sunny and inviting TT Circuit Assen, flanked with another capacity crowd on the MotoGP slate, meant a full-speed round eight of the championship and Augusto Fernández played his part in the show with another fine performance. The technical challenge of Assen meant that his MotoGP rookie experience was always going to be tough but AF37 survived an early miscalculation at the Geert Timmer chicane to continue to plough a course through the pack. At the flag, Augusto had trailblazed to 10th: his third top ten classification of the year and ensuring he remains one of only two riders in the championship to have scored points in every single Grand Prix.

The British Grand Prix on the first weekend of August means the team, paddock and the championship can now enjoy a small break from the intensity of MotoGP and the exciting fresh format that has given 2023 such a strong identity. However, the race will take place around Silverstone in England, another long, complex and throttle-heavy racetrack that should guarantee another hefty bout of gripping action.

Augusto Fernández:
“It felt a bit like a survival race today. I had a good start but then some issues in the first few laps and a moment at the final chicane. It was hot and difficult out there and I didn’t feel great on the bike. I tried to recover positions and wanted to get some points. It’s been a solid first half of the season but I want to make a step in the second half because I think I have the potential and will try to improve.”